The History of Flower Arrangement – Dutch Masters & Victoriana

The appreciation of beautiful flowers  painted or arranged creatively and artistically has been admired by humans for centuries. Join me to find out more about two of the most interesting periods in the history of flower arrangement. The Dutch master flower paintings have become synonymous with western floral art and during Victorian times the arranging of flowers became more widely available to the growing middle classes, so much that special containers were created. I will teach you about the popular flowers of the period, the symbolism behind some of the popular blooms and guide you to create a stunning Dutch Flemish design and a recreation of a Victorian table design on a March stand.

Where: Ashover Parish Hall, Ashover, Derbyshire

When: 10.00am to 3.30pm

Price: £35.00 ( excludes all materials) Price: £95.00 ( includes all materials )

No prior experience is required as all the necessary skills and techniques will be demonstrated in full.

Two packages are available one including all the materials ( containers, accessories, flowers and foliage’s ) where you just need to turn up with your scissors and secateurs.

For the fee only package a worksheet with a recipe of materials will be emailed out approximately two weeks before the event commences.

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