Take a fresh look at Easter!

Join me on this Easter themed workshop and get inspired by the delightful colours of Spring and all the fabulous plant materials that are available at this  inspirational time of year. Our first design will be a sumptuous Easter welcome ring, bold and vibrant to greet your guests over the holiday period. We will use a rustic selection of material to create the design which  we will then over wrap  with vine stems and tendrils, finally adding some cute eggs to complete this exciting display.

Where: St Michaels Parish Hall, East Ardsley, Wakefield

When: 10.00 am to 3.30pm

Price: £35.00 excludes all materials

Our second design will be created in a small classic urn where we will construct an Easter tower out of twigs, mosses and lichen with wonderful pastel coloured Daises, Roses and Ranunculus. This contemporary arrangement will be overlaid with vine stems and finally enhanced with mini straw bundles and decorative Easter eggs.

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